Using myMessageBanking? Upgrade your message bank into a voice bank in 5 easy steps.

Using myMessageBanking? Upgrade your message bank into a voice bank in 5 easy steps.

You already have a message bank. That’s great! You’ve taken the first step to preserving your voice. Did you know know that an existing message bank can be easily converted into a dynamic voice bank?

We’ve written before about the differences between message banking and voice banking. So if you’re not sure about the pros and cons of each, we encourage you to read that first.

How to turn a message bank into a voice bank?

Turning a message bank into a voice bank is easy with TheVoiceKeeper. We have created a special section where you can use existing recordings to create a personalized synthetic voice.

But, since many people wrote to us asking for advice specifically regarding the myMessageBanking platform, we thought it’d be helpful to provide step by step instructions.

What is myMessageBanking?

myMessageBanking is a free web service that allows you to bank your voice. The product is a result of a joint project of Boston Children’s Hospital Department of Otolaryngology and Tobii Dynavox, a provider of alternative communication devices.

If you’ve created a message bank using that service before, you can quickly convert it into a voice bank. With voice bank you won’t be restricted to using pre-recorded messages and will be able to say anything you want.

Did we mention that the process is automatic and free?

The only thing you need to do is download a .zip file with all your audio form myMessageBanking and upload it to TheVoiceKeeper. Done and dusted!

You’ll then be able to experiment with your voice on TheVoiceKeeper website and, if you like it, buy it and download it on your computer.

myMessageBanking into voice banking: A step by step walk through

  1. Login to myMessageBanking with your credentials.
  2. In the top right corner, you’ll find an Download All button. Press it to download a .zip file with all your recordings.

Pay attention to the location of the saved filed. It usually lands in the Downloads folder, but it depends on your computer settings.

3. Login to TheVoiceKeeper. Or, sign up if you don’t have an account yet.

4. When in the main Dashboard, pick the Message Banking section on the left.

5. Click the button Upload Files and upload the .zip file you downloaded earlier. The filename should stat starts with bankedMessages_….

Sit back and relax!

That’s all you need to do. Now it’s time for TheVoiceKeeper’s system to get ot work and process your recordings into a new shiny voice!

The time it takes to process the files will vary depending on the size of the .zip archive and on how busy our system is at the time. It’s still remarkably quick, the maximum time it will take to create your voice is less than a day. And, we can do it as quickly as 30 minutes. 

They process is 100% automatic. We will send you a quick email once the voice is ready.

What’s next?

After it’s ready, feel free to experiment with your digital voice, like you would with any other voice created with TheVoiceKeeper. You can even buy it as a Windows SAPI voice for your computer!

Cover photo by Rots Marie-Hélène on Unsplash