Our payments and refunds policy is as follows:

Voice creation is free. You may use your voice for 14 days after each version you create (30 sentences, 100 sentences, etc)

There are two “Items” voice versions that you can purchase

  1. “Voice Preservation”. In this program, you will be charged a small monthly fee to cover the costs of keeping your audio files and created voice model backed up. This program can be canceled by you at any time. Refunds for last charge only are possible if done up to 72 hours after the charge. If you cancel your program, your audio files and voice models will be deleted, after the last paid term. This is irreversible.
  2. A license to use our SAPI windows version of the voice, this version is the main plan once you need to use your voice, and it will allow you to connect your voice with the communication software.

We offer a full refund for 14 days after your purchase. No questions asked.