1 year of a free trial, to demonstrate voice banking to your patients

Welcome to The Voice Keeper!

We’re here to assist you in helping your patients. 

Traditionally, creating a personalised digital voice requires hours or even days of work, not to mention needing various other testings, external software and a specific USB microphone. We believe that the lengthy process to create a digital voice makes it overwhelming for speech and language therapists to demonstrate it to their patients because it’s seen as a burden.

When we started to work on The Voice Keeper, one of our main goals was to make it easier for speech and language professionals.


Industry professionals need a solution which is EASY, fast and accessible as they often need to demonstrate it to several patients every day.

Thus, we did two things to reach this goal:

  1. The world’s first voice banking iOS app – We created a free voice banking app which anyone who has an iPhone to create a digital voice from the comfort of their iPhone. There’s no need for an external microphone, testing or additional software. You can just download the app, register and hit record.
  2. Milestone-based technology – This allows you to record as little or as much as you want. You can create an initial digital voice with as little as 30 sentences, which takes about 3 minutes. It takes 7 minutes for the software to create your initial synthetic voice. While waiting, you can go ahead and read the next batch of sentences. The more you record, the better the technology will become
  3. Create a voice from your computer – You can also create a digital voice from your browser even if you don’t have an iPhone. In this case it is recommended to use a USB microphone in a quiet room.

If you’re a speech and language therapist, you can now sign up for a free 1-year trial on our platform which will allow you to:

  1. Demonstrate creating a personalised digital voice on our platform for free as many times as you want to all of your patients.
  2. Allow your patients to test our solution and record sentences.
  3. Receive an updated version of your digital voice to your email every time you reach 100 sentences.

The free trial will allow you to use your personal voice on 3 platforms:

  1. The Voice Keeper iOS app
  2. The Voice Keeper web browser 
  3. Windows-based communication software, supporting SAPI, such as Grid 3 or Communicator 5

Why The Voice Keeper?

The Voice Keeper app does not require external microphones, setup calibrations or any other supporting software. Individuals can just download the app, sign up within seconds and start creating the first version of their new digital voice with as little as 30-100 sentences of recording material. The more they continue to record, the better the technology will become in capturing their personal voice.