When we started to work on The Voice Keeper, one of our goals was to make it easier for the PROFESSIONALS.

Most of us don’t have a recommended microphone handy. Creating a voice with our iOS app is a great alternative!

🚀 Have an existing message bank on myMessageBanking? Convert it into a voice bank in 5 easy steps to create a personalised synthetic voice.

🎙or 🎤 , or something else? How to choose the best microphone for your voice recording and make sure your recording is accurate.

Our payments and refunds policy is as follows: Voice creation is free. You may use your voice for 14 days after each version of it that you create (30 sentences, 100 sentences, etc) There are two “Items” voice versions that you can purchase “Voice Preservation”. In this program, you will

👌Turn your message bank into a personalized speech engine. Learn → how to prepare your files for upload, and → what makes for a high quality synthetic voice.

🏅 Explore the features that make TheVoiceKeeper a leading solution in the field of synthetic voice generation.