Your voice is your identity

We will help you keep it

TheVoiceKeeper is a voice banking technology to create and preserve an authentic version of your voice.

How does it work?

No screening sentence and no microphone calibration necessary. Just log in & start reading!

recording process

It only takes 3 minutes!

Our AI algorithm creates your first voice with just 3 min of recording material. The more you record, the better your voice will sound!

Buy only when you need it

Voice creation & testing

  • Each time you record 100 sentences we extend your trial by 30 days!


$0.99 /month
  • We keep your voice backed up until you need it, and you can use it on the web.

Windows SAPI voice

  • Pay once to download & use your voice with any Windows-based major communication software.

Can’t record? No problem!

Family and friends can help

A family member or friend can record a voice for you, so you can speak with a voice to which you have an emotional connection.

Use past recordings

Recorded your voice in the past? Our DNNs and an advanced AI algorithm can transform your existing audio materials into a personalized voice.


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